Noosa Waters fountain

7-day Weather Forecast for Noosa (updated hourly)
Last updated 8:00pm on 29th January 2020 - Queensland time
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Day Forecast Predicted
Noosa Heads
High tide*
Noosa Heads
Low tide*
Wind speed
& direction
Humidity Comfort
UV Index Chance
of rain
of rain
Thu sunny.pngSunny. Warm. 11:18am (1.77m)
11:44pm (1.48m)
4:48am (0.7m)
5:48pm (0.68m)
24°C 29°C 16 km/h
61% 29°C Extreme 46% <1mm
Fri partly_cloudy.pngPartly cloudy. Warm. 11:50am (1.68m) 5:29am (0.81m)
6:24pm (0.72m)
23°C 28°C 17 km/h
73% 29°C High 51% 1mm
Sat partly_cloudy.pngMorning clouds. Warm. 12:33am (1.47m)
12:26pm (1.58m)
6:17am (0.93m)
7:06pm (0.76m)
23°C 28°C 14 km/h
64% 30°C High 6%  
Sun mostly_sunny.pngMostly sunny. Warm. 1:39am (1.48m)
1:12pm (1.5m)
7:21am (1.02m)
7:57pm (0.78m)
23°C 29°C 17 km/h
63% 31°C Extreme 5%  
Mon partly_cloudy.pngMorning clouds. Warm. 3:00am (1.55m)
2:27pm (1.43m)
8:46am (1.05m)
9:00pm (0.77m)
23°C 32°C 22 km/h
59% 33°C High 6%  
Tue haze.pngHaze. Warm. 4:06am (1.67m)
3:55pm (1.41m)
10:20am (1.02m)
10:06pm (0.72m)
22°C 32°C 14 km/h
66% 31°C High 9%  
Wed tstorms.pngThundershowers. More sun than clouds. Warm. 21°C 29°C 17 km/h
68% 29°C High 46% 1mm
*Munna Point 1 hr 25 min later • Tewantin 1 hr 35 min later
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