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Access to these pages is restricted to those who are paid up members of the Noosa Waters Residents Association
If you are not a member you may join here. Otherwise please log on.

Press articles

Sunshine Coast Daily article 6 Dec 2012 PDF 901KB
Noosa News article 7 Dec 2012 PDF 753KB
Noosa News article 11 Dec 2012 PDF 296KB

Background material

Sketches & photographs

Condition Assessment Report PDF 12,157KB - Remediation & scour protection report prepared by GHD for the Sunshine Coast Regional Council. It shows the depth of the canal bed at the revetment wall, the priority for remediation and includes drawings and details for the remediation of waterway beds and scour protection.

Technical specifications PDF 393KB - Remediation & scour protection specification prepared by GHD for the Sunshine Coast Regional Council.

Remediation Works Updates

Update 10th Dec 2012 - Objectives of NWRA; Background & history; Council's denial of responsibility; Canal front property owners responsibilities; Meeting with Council on 4 December 2012; State Government involvement.

Update 13th Dec 2012 - Feedback from residents; Meeting 11 December 2012 with Council's engineers, its consulting engineers, our engineers, NWRA President and Vice President.

Update 16th Jan 2013 - Council have now contracted the engineers we engaged to carry out further necessary work, at Council's cost, to ensure that the proposed solutions can be signed off by an engineer.

Update 1st Feb 2013 - Council staff put forward a seven page report and proposed motion for consideration at the Council Meeting held on 31 January; Report of said meeting.

Update 16th Apr 2013 - Update on trying to get Council to physically commence re-stabilisation work.

Update 21st May 2013 - Report on attitude of Council staff; Engineering report; Draft amended overall plan; Council Meeting.

Update 24th May 2013 - An update following Council's dramatic, unexpected and welcomed decision on 23rd May 2013.

Update 18th Jul 2013 - Information from Council preparatory to carrying out remediation works.

Update 22nd Aug 2013 - Condition Assessment Report; Tender documentation; Pricing breakdown; Letter to canal fronting property owners.

Update 17th Oct 2013 - Advising that Sunshine Coast Council has let a contract for the remediation of the canal bed.

Update 11th Dec 2013 - Advising that the Stage One works on the western side of Saltwater Avenue and on the southern side of Mermaid Quay will be completed by Christmas.

Update 10th Feb 2014 - Remediation works progress update and plans for future works.

Special Levy Updates

Levy Update 9th May 2014 - Council proposes imposing a levy on all canal front property owners to pay for the costs of restoring the support to revetment walls; Our objections thereto.

Levy Update 13th June 2014 - Documents relating to the Noosa Council special levy.

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