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Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000
Complex Security 0417 450 854


This Noosa Waters incident report is updated regularly by Neighbourhood Watch and shows the latest 22 incidents and their updates if any. Incidents are shown in date order with the latest at the top.

Please email Gerald Theron (0416 298 585) for more information. Click the incident number below if you want to write to him about a particular incident. Please first report any incidents to the Police.

Langura Street
Noosa Heads 4567
Phone: 07 5440 8111
CIB: 07 5447 5806
A/H: 07 5475 2444

myPolice Sunshine Coast web site

Incident # 100 (posted 24th September 2019 at 3:06pm)
Youths arrested for theft from vehicles & drug possession.

At about 7.50 pm Mon 23 Sep, a Mermaid Quay resident was alerted by his security camera showing youths opening and searching his unlocked car in his driveway. He rushed outside to see them driving off in a car.

The resident drove around the Estate looking for the car and he managed to recognised it driving along Shorehaven at about 8.30 pm. Having alerted Police he followed the car into the Homemaker Centre, opposite Red Rooster, and blocked their exit with his car.

He proceeded to berate the occupants, two of whom managed to escape, but he successfully detained the other three until Police arrived shortly thereafter.

A bong was found in the car and there was a strong marijuana odour. The youths are believed to be from Castaways and Coolum area.

All praise to the resident!

Cheers Gerald 0416298585.

Incident # 99 (posted 9th August 2019 at 5:34pm)
Juveniles apprehended by Police.

For many months there has been growing concern, expressed by residents, about groups of juveniles / youths frequenting some of our parks and easements and leaving behind evidence of drug paraphernalia and vandalising the areas.

These issues have been communicated to Noosa Police, Noosa Council and Complex Security. It is pleasing to report that Noosa Police, with two paddy wagons, swooped on the frequently patronised Saltwater easement and arrested about six juveniles in the afternoon of Tuesday 6 August.

The juveniles were charged with being in possession of drug paraphernalia, vandalism and trespass ( one individual who tried to escape via an adjoining property ).

It is believed all the juveniles are resident in NW.
Hopefully this will be a rude awakening for those detained and be a strong deterrent to others not present at the time.

Cheers Gerald 0416 298 585.

Incident # 98 (posted 22nd July 2019 at 6:06pm)
Two arrests of youths.

For several months now residents have complained about groups of youths congregating in parks and walkways in our estate. This normally occurs late afternoon and early evening and loutish behaviour is the norm.

Residents have witnessed the exchange of small sachets between the youths, and evidence of drug paraphernalia has been found in the areas frequented by the groups.

Residents have provided information to Noosa Police, Noosa Council and complex Security, all of whom have responded appropriately. Police advise they have made two arrests of youths, who are from Noosa Waters, for a range of offences.

So, a good outcome but please continue to be vigilant and notify appropriate authorities of unsavoury activities.

Regards Gerald 0416 298 585.

Incident # 97 (posted 26th June 2019 at 12:49pm)
More scams reported by residents:

Resident advertised an item on Gumtree. A scammer paid the price, plus $750 to cover transport, which was all credited to the residents PayPal account. The payment looked authentic. Scammer then requested the $750 be transferred to another account. Resident checked with PayPal who advised the payment was not legitimate. Smart resident avoided the scam!

Another resident received an unexpected Face Book message from an old Sydney friend not heard from for a few years. Resident responded with a catch up message. Her "friend" replied saying she had received a government grant of $90,000 not repayable, which she was investing in real estate. The "friend" offered to put her in touch with the agent. Resident spotted the obvious scam but expresses concern that the confidential messenger service had been hacked.

Regards Gerald 0416 298 585

Incident # 96 (posted 25th June 2019 at 6:23pm)
Beware Tax scams - financial year end.

Tax time presents windows of opportunity for cyber criminals to access your sensitive info as you share your personal/business documents with accountants etc.

One common scammers trick is impersonating a trusted organisation such as Australian Tax Office, using email, phone or texting.

Eg, the scammer texts and asks you to click on a link and provide personal identifying information to receive a tax refund. If you click on the link it will take you to a fake tax refund form in order to steal your personal information.

People are also targeted in a similar way via email.


Be cautious of emails, texts and calls claiming to be from the ATO.

Manage your contact with the ATO by logging on independently to your genuine my.gov.au account. Or call directly on 1800 008 540.

Regards Gerald 0416 298 585.

Incident # 95 (posted 17th June 2019 at 9:28pm)
NBN scams on the rise reports ACC:

Common types of scams include:

Someone pretending to be from NBN or an internet provider calls a victim and claims there is a problem with their phone or internet connection, which requires remote access to fix. The scammer can then install malware or steal valuable personal information, including banking details.

Scammers pretending to be the NBN attempting to sell NBN services, often at a discount, or equipment over the phone.

Scammers may also call or visit people at their homes to sign them up to NBN, get them a better deal or test the speed of their connection. They may ask you to provide personal details such as name, address, date of birth, and Medicare number or ask for payment through gift cards.

Scammers calling during a blackout offering the ability to stay connected for an extra fee.

Remember NBN is a wholesale only company and does not sell directly to consumers.

See full ACCC report on our web page.

Regards Gerald 0416 298 585.

Incident # 94 (posted 1st June 2019 at 8:50pm)
Graffiti vandals charged:

Earlier in the year you may recall a report from a resident who took photos of the offenders.

The resident provides the following update:

Some time ago I reported on graffiti which was occurring in Shorehaven Drive and Mermaid Quay. I saw two offenders doing the graffiti and took photos. The Noosa Police have investigated and I believe four suspects have been charged, some of whom are Noosa Waters residents in their teens.

Well done to the resident concerned! A fantastic outcome.

Regards Gerald 0416 298 585.

Incident # 93 (posted 21st May 2019 at 4:01pm)
Vandals at work:
Verbatim report from Shorehaven resident:

Last night 20 May at about 20-45 we heard a loud bang which sounded as though something had crashed to the ground in our garage. On inspection all was in order.

However this morning, 21 May, on opening our garage there were 2 small rocks on our drive and on closer inspection it was clear what had caused the noise last night. The 2 rocks had clearly been hurled at the garage and have dented the door. The rocks came from a flower bed on the nature strip. The damage is slight but visible. I advise you in case other residents along Shorehaven Drive have suffered similar incidents.

Regards Gerald 0416 298 585.

Incident # 92 (posted 14th May 2019 at 2:42pm)

I am pleased to advise that, with the help of Webmaster Howard, we have made some cool enhancements to the two Neighbourhood Watch pages on the Res. Assn. website.

Firstly, we can include two photos on incident reports. So if you advise me of an incident you can include photos of graffiti, vandalism, suspicious vehicles etc. (Click on the icon at the start of this notification).

Secondly, the main N. Watch web page has been divided into two columns. The left column displays static general info and the right column provides links to PDF documents. If you go to this page on the website, click on the blue document link and an informative PDF will be downloaded. It should either open on your screen or you may have to click on the PDF download appearing in the bottom left hand corner of you screen.

Regards Gerald 0416 298 585.

Incident # 91 (posted 15th March 2019 at 8:28pm)
Phishing scams alive & well - don't become a victim:

A resident reports:
Recently accepted a quote from a reputable local curtain company by depositing 50% deposit into their bank account. Today received an email purportedly from the same company asking for our bank account details and for authorisation to deduct further payments from it.
Emailed a reply declining this request but email bounced back as undeliverable. Rang the local curtain company who confirmed the email had not been sent by them but that they had received warnings that there had been hacking attacks which compromised their site.

Another resident reported receiving a cold call from Telstra requesting confirmation of credit card details. Fortunately he and his wife realised it was a scam and the caller was dispatched with some choice verbal advice.

Cheers Gerald 0416 298 585.

Incident # 90 (posted 11th February 2019 at 9:13pm)
Scamwatch alert.

Scamwatch is warning members of the public about a spate of text messages asking for emergency assistance. These messages come from phone numbers not in your mobile contacts. For example, the text message might read, 'Please call me back right away. It is an Emergency I need your help!'

People who have called the number back report being verbally abused by a recording on the other end. This is a new and emerging issue. While people have not yet reported losing money as a result of these calls, you may find the content of the recording distressing.

Scamwatch therefore advises that you exercise caution or do not respond to these text messages.

Cheers Gerald 0416 298 585.

Incident # 89 (posted 4th February 2019 at 9:15pm)
Car stolen and others broken into last night.

Resident reports a car was stolen from a Shipyard CCT driveway and another car, at a different address, was broken into and items stolen.

A Masthead Quay resident reported that both their cars were broken into. Nothing was taken and the cars were not damaged. The cars were parked in a carport behind a locked gate. Owner assumes perpetrators entered via a side gate that was not locked.

Regards Gerald 0416 298 585.

Incident # 88 (posted 21st January 2019 at 9:20pm)
Email fraud continues unabated.

A reminder to look out for emails which appear to come from an otherwise trusted or familiar address. The scammers create email addresses which appear to come from your bank or someone you may have financial dealings with.

The catch is they create an email address which is slightly altered by including, say, .co instead of .com and the recipients don't spot the difference.

One such email targeted our own Residents Assn where the email appeared to come from the president, authorising the Treasurer to electronically transfer funds. Given the checks and balances that are in place the attempted fraud was promptly dealt with.

So be wary of unusual or unexpected requests of a financial nature or those requesting confirmation of your personal details. If in doubt always contact the organisation independently of the email.

Cheers Gerald 0416 298 585.

Incident # 87 (posted 12th January 2019 at 9:43pm)
Body in Canal

I have been advise that, early this afternoon, police removed a body from the canal, near the lock. No further information is available.

Gerald 0416 298 585.

Incident # 86 (posted 31st December 2018 at 3:13pm)
Juveniles on the prowl.

A resident reported seeing a group of juveniles, on foot and in a car, going along Neptune and Sunseeker at about 11:15 pm last night.

The group was driving / walking slowly and shining flash lights into various properties.

The resident reported his observations to Complex Security and the Police.

Complex Security carry out random patrols on behalf of Neighbourhood Watch, and they can respond promptly if in the Noosaville area, but only while the incident is in progress.

Complex Security 24 hr phone 0417 450 854.

Regards Gerald 0416 298 585.

Incident # 85 (posted 28th November 2018 at 11:00am)
Medicare text message scam.

The Department of Human Services and police are warning people about a new con where scammers pretend to be from Medicare in order to glean personal information.

Scammers have produced a new text-based, phishing scam that tricks people into visiting a clone of the Medicare website. Here, victims are conned into giving up their personal details in order to claim a rebate, which is of course fake.

To help protect yourself
- Do not click on links in emails or text messages claiming to be from myGov or Medicare. myGov will never send you a text, email or attachment with hyperlinks or web addresses.

- Don't open messages if you don't know the sender, or if you're not expecting them.

- Be suspicious of messages that aren't addressed directly to you, or don't use your correct name.

Regards Gerald 0416 298 585.

Incident # 84 (posted 27th November 2018 at 6:28pm)
Voicemail scam:

Following verbatim report from resident.

The voicemail was an American voice purporting to be from a USA firm threatening investigation of me and my family for some apparent fraud that was not identified.

They claimed to have been trying to contact me for some time and that legal action has been commenced..... more info would be available if I returned a call to a number that they had left.

Given recent reported scams from African numbers that I have read about (if you dial the number your number gets charged for the call and the receiver tries to keep you on the line as long as possible to get more money)
I have reported this to the ACCC Scamwatch website.

Regards Gerald 0416 298 585.

Incident # 83 (posted 16th November 2018 at 9:32am)
Scamwatch alert.

Verbatim report from a resident.

I just had a call on my mobile (automated voice) supposedly from the tax office . The voice was very deep and authoritative and the phone number showed up as a land line in Canberra. (not the usual overseas rubbish thats easier to dismiss)
The voice informed me that I had been reported for tax breaches and owed the ATO money , which I would need to pay immediately or be carried off to jail ! It said to call a certain number to sort out and arrange payment. I hung up and looked up scams with ATO and subsequently phoned the ATO and reported it . I think this is worth telling people about as it may frighten people into responding such was the tone of the call.

Regards Gerald 0416 298 585

Incident # 82 (posted 16th October 2018 at 12:17pm)
House egged.

Shorehaven Dr house owners recently returned from a 2 month absence to find their pristine home defaced by splattered eggs, done quite some time prior to their return.

Unfortunately the owner tried to clean off some of the mess, fell from his ladder and was severely injured - pelvis fractured in 3 places, broken rib and spinal injury.

The egging was most likely the work of juveniles who may well be resident in our estate. With Halloween just around the corner, a word or two from parents to their teenagers may be timely.

Regards Gerald 0416 298 585.

Incident # 81 (posted 8th October 2018 at 3:51pm)
Home invasion:

I have been advised that, last Wednesday night, a group of young people were part of a sleepover at a residence in Mermaid Quay. It is alleged that one or more of the youths were consuming drugs.

Residents at a different Mermaid Quay address heard persistent noises coming from outside at about 11.30 pm. Upon opening the door to investigate, a "crazy" youth charged in an proceeded to smash furniture and glass windows and doors. In the process the youth severely injured himself and the residents managed to call police.

Police, with paramedic, responded swiftly and took charge of the situation. Apart from being traumatised the residents were reportedly not injured.

Regards Gerald 0416 298 585.

Incident # 80 (posted 24th September 2018 at 9:52pm)
Celebrity endorsement scams:

ACCC advises 200 reports with losses over $142 000 in 2018.

Scams appear as online adverts on social media eg Facebook, Instagram or seemingly legit sites. They include fictitious quotes and images of celebs promoting products like skin care, weight loss, investment schemes, etc.

Most people lost $100 to $500. One victim lost over
$50 000 to fake endorsement of investment schemes.

Scam works by you agreeing to free trial a product and to provide credit card details. Free trial has strict conditions like having to return products within an impossible time frame, and an automatic renewal subscription difficult to cancel. These terms are only visible on the document that arrives with the product.

The fake ads and websites are professionally made. It is vital you research independent reviews of the company and check the celebs official website.

If you are caught, call your bank to ask for a charge back and stop payments.

Regards Gerald 0416 298 585

Incident # 79 (posted 7th July 2018 at 9:23pm)
Medicare Scam - resend as first attempt only received by some.

Scammers have set up a clone of the myGov website to trick you into sharing your login and bank account details.

The scam starts with a phishing email that looks like it is from Medicare, asking you to update your Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) details, so you can start receiving payments for Medicare benefits and claims.

The login page looks absolutely legitimate with the only giveaway being the senders email address which ends in .net instead of .gov.au

I you wish to see how good the fake site looks, go to the following website https://www.staysmartonline.gov.au
which reported the scam.

Regards Gerald 0416 298 585.
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