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A major part of the voluntary work undertaken by the Noosa Waters Residents Association is the maintenance of most of the public landscaping in the Estate.

Noosa Waters' park seats

Park benches in Noosa Waters
1. Mermaid Quay entrance park
2. Mermaid Quay park left side of Seahorse Place footbridge
3. Mermaid Quay park right side of Seahorse Place footbridge
4. Waterside Place park used as Revetment Wall work site

Noosa Waters Landscaping Update, 7th July 2015

Our landscaping coordinator John Langdon has resigned and we would like to acknowledge the outstanding job he has done over the past 7 years in this role. It has involved many hours attending to our park and garden areas, cleaning the fountain and upgrading entry statements. All residents have benefited from the very positive impact this work has had on the appearance of our estate.

Responsibility for the fountain cleaning has now been taken over by Peter Sheerin who would appreciate your support. If you are able to volunteer a couple of hours every month or so to help with the fountain cleaning, please contact Peter on 0409 040 778.

Landscaping liaison with Council will be undertaken by Ian Dopper - 0418 241 403. Requests for mulch for estate gardens, removal of rubbish from park cleanups and tree removal/planting should be directed to Ian who will make the appropriate arrangements with Council.

We are encouraging more residents to form small volunteer groups with their neighbours to do some work in their own local area parks, gardens and roundabouts. Some residents are already doing this.

The objective of us doing some volunteer work is to enable the Council landscaping budget for Noosa Waters to be stretched further. If we all share in this work, our local area will continue to benefit from higher landscaping standards that have been achieved across the estate over the years, thanks in no small way, to the dedication of our team of volunteers working in partnership with Council.

TBA (Noosa Waters Landscaping Council Liaison) Peter Sheerin (Noosa Waters Fountain Cleaning)
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