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Neighbourhood Watch logo NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH Incident reports

With most of us using the internet, mobile phones and other smart devices; it's difficult to avoid leaving digital footprints. What we can readily do is educate ourselves to minimise the opportunities for the unscrupulous to take advantage of us. The following websites provide very useful info to assist in more savvy use of the internet.

This site belongs to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC).
It provides comprehensive coverage of the latest scams, victim stories and news on scams across thirteen categories.
The scam categories include online banking, dating, identity theft, investments, mobile phones, etc.

This site is provided by the Australian Federal Police with a number of partners.
It provides two information trails:
One aimed at parents, carers & teachers and the other aimed at youth 11 to 17 years old.
It seeks to enlighten and educate on how to safely manage online activities and to be aware of the pitfalls for adults and children alike.
Some of the many topics addressed include Technology & Youth, Privacy, Relationships, Investments, Mobile Phones, etc.

The Office of Fair Trading provides a host of online services and info including advice on Consumer Rights, Business Rights, Charity Checks, Licensing, Product Safety, etc.

This official Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) site contains a pile of info on safely managing your money.

Neighbourhood Watch is organised by our community to reduce residential crime and improve personal safety and household security. It's also about promoting a sense of mutual responsibility between neighbours.

Your support is essential for the programme to be effective. Noosa Waters is divided into ten Neighbourhood Watch Zones to facilitate the interaction of residents.

Know your Zone Coordinator:

AMargaret Davies5474 2229Riverbreeze, Oceanmist, Leeside, Mermaid, Seamount.
BJohn Reid0425 295 055Aquamarine, Broadreach, Figurehead, Seacove, Seashell, Shorehaven 1-53 & 4-44, Windsurf.
CJustine Kerz0403 802 905Helm, Peninsula, Seagull, Shipwright, Shorehaven 59-71 & 46-54.
DEvelyn Murphy5474 3404Genoa, Mizzen, Seascout, Shipyard, Spindrift, Sternlight.
ESally Platt-Hepworth5474 3291Saltwater 74-82, 67-87, Shorehaven 73-189, 62-164.
FRobert Virgona5455 5543Anchorage, Saltwater 7-21, Shorehaven 172-196, 195-209, Waterside.
GHugh Pape5447 1349Bluefin, Ketch.
HSue Bilous5455 6280Keel, Neptune.
JSharon Campbell0450 458 671Masthead, Promontory, Saltwater 27-59, 30-62, Seahorse, Topsails.
KTrudie Cole5442 4841Skipper, Stillwater, Sunseeker.

Please email Gerald Theron (0416 298 585) for more information. Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000.

Neighbourhood Watch is a State wide programme supported by the Crime Prevention Programs Unit, Queensland Police Service.

myPolice Sunshine Coast web site has items of local interest and articles on scams etc. Anyone can subscribe to this site if they wish to receive emails on crime. There is also a crime heat map.

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