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Christmas 2016 Flotilla video

2016 Christmas lights prize winners

Suggestions for social events should be sent to Sue Lloyd
Christmas Lights Competition
Christmas Lights Competition

As an encouragement to get into the Christmas spirit prizes will be awarded by our Sports and Social Committee for the best lit homes on the canal and dry blocks. Judging for these competitions will take place on Monday, 18th December 2017 for wet blocks and on Tuesday, 19th December 2017 for dry blocks. A lot of work goes into wonderful displays. Each year we are pleased to note more and more people are participating which highlights the Christmas spirit in our community.

Light up Noosa Waters Homes for Christmas!
Prizes for best entries
Dry and Wet Block Categories

Canalside Christmas Music
Canalside Christmas Music

You, your family and friends are invited to a special event - Canalside Christmas Music. To celebrate the season, our quartet "String Delirium" along with singers aboard "Sandbar" and two other boats will perform a programme of Christmas carols, popular classics and old and modern favourites. Please feel free to sing along - the lyrics for the carols can be found here. You can print them out or read them on your mobile phone or device.

Location: The park at Saltwater / Shorehaven
Time: please be there by 7.00pm (starts 7.15pm)
Date: Tuesday 19th December 2017
Bring: Chairs/ground rugs, insect repellent, torches/glow sticks, downloaded carol sheets, refreshments as required.
Weather: The event may be postponed/cancelled owing to bad weather - if unsure please check an hour before with Paul McDonald 0414 285 498 or check this page for an update.
Newsflash: Air Traffic Control (North Pole) has just notified us that there is a strong possibility of Santa fitting this event into his busy itinerary !!

Christmas Flotilla
Noosa Waters Christmas Boat Flotilla
Friday 22nd December 2017
Assemble by 6:45 pm for a start commencing at 7.00 pm

Friday 22nd December at 6:45pm is the time to join in or view the famous NWRA Christmas Boat Flotilla from the many park areas shown with green dots on the course map. The 2017 Flotilla will be the 20th time that this Christmas Flotilla has been celebrated and with everybody's involvement we are expecting large crowds at the park viewing places marked on the course map. As in previous years the idea is to gather with friends, neighbours and visitors to Noosa to welcome the start of the Festive Season.

Our fantastic waterway is one of the best waterways for our enjoyment in south east Queensland and would rival many overseas. Join us to take part in the "Christmas Pageant". Boats are to assemble by 6:45pm for a 7:00pm start on the eastern Masthead Quay side of the Bridge over the southern end of Saltwater Avenue and to follow the Coast Guard lead boat. The map below shows the course to be followed and which side of the canal to travel.

Boaties - Risk Assessment Check list:

  1. Check your boat licence is current.
  2. Make sure your insurance is up to date - just in case.
  3. Boating regulations are to be observed at all times.
  4. No horseplay.
  5. Flotilla speed is 4 knots no wash.
  6. No overtaking unless really necessary.
  7. Single file and keep to the left or right according to the course map
  8. Boats are to have navigation lights in full working order.
  9. Tinnies and other small boats must have lighting so they can be identified.
  10. Life jackets are to be carried on all boats and worn by children on foredecks.
  11. Should anyone fall overboard the skipper of the boat is to shout "man, woman or child overboard". All boats within hearing range must stop and remain stopped until that person is rescued. Be aware, boat propellers have been known to sever a limb.
  12. Ropes are to be carried on all boats to throw to a person overboard.
  13. Keep a safe distance from all other boats
  14. Boats are to keep to the side of the canal shown on the route map.
  15. If there is a need to leave the flotilla published route, leave the route in the published direction away from on-coming traffic.
  16. Observe Coastguard directions at all times.
  17. Should an emergency situation arise, slow down, stop and wait for coast guard directions to continue.
  18. Please do not overload your craft, but fill it up to its legal limit with friends and of course music and decorative lights.
Please remember that skippers of boats are responsible for the safety of those on board and may also be responsible for any damage to others. Also do not have any unsafe temporary electric wiring that could cause a problem or at worst an explosion on your craft.

Any changes will be advised here. Please see the weather forecast here.

James Taylor, NWRA President
0419 414 141

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year from the Management Committee of the Noosa Waters Residents Association.

Lunches The Thursday Girls host a charity event every last Thursday of the month from February to November.
Contact Di Kirby on 07 5474 1184 or email her.

Blokes Lunches will be held on the last Friday of every month.
To book please ring David Brown on 5447 1059 or email him.

Photos of the Noosa Waters Meet 'n' Greet Party 2017
Meet 'n' Greet 2017

Meet 'n' Greet 2017
Courtesy: Mike Pallot
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